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Press Statement Sarkaryavah Suresh (Bhayyaji) Joshi - Anti Corruption Movement & Anna Hazare

Public discourse taking place with regard to the involvement of the RSS in the anti-corruption movement is
ill-intentioned and betrays a political conspiracy to weaken the movement.

Sri Anna Hazare is a man committed to noble ideals. He has been leading a massive popular movement
against corruption in the country. Entire credit for the success of this movement goes to him only. Me and
thousands of other activists of the country are familiar with and inspired by the ideas articulated by him on
several occasions and the developmental activity undertaken by him.

In his reply to the redundant controversy raked up in a conspiratorial manner by the General secretary of
the Congress Party, Sri Anna had made some comments on the RSS Chief Sri Mohan Bhagwat and also
indicated that he viewed the letter written by me in support of his movement as a conspiracy. These views,
which were published widely in the media, go beyond my comprehension and cause immense pain to me.

It is tragic that a person of Anna’s stature too has got influenced by narrow political conspiracy. The views
expressed in his letter would prove detrimental to the anti-corruption movement only. It will be most

The Swayamsevaks of the RSS along with millions of countrymen genuinely aspire to see a Bharat
completely free of corruption. It is the paramount responsibility of the leaders of the anti-corruption
movements to safeguard them from narrow and low-level conspiratorial politics.

The general public which plunges into such movements fired by the spirit of patriotism gets disturbed by
such controversies. Hence the leadership is expected to be vigilant. Who will be responsible if the people
feel disillusioned and get disheartened? All the nationalist forces should close ranks to defeat such
machinations. Country can expect to achieve freedom from corruption only when the movements reach
their logical ends successfully.

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