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A sleepy village (Chitheri) in Tamilnadu-Vellore District which is 90 kms off Chennai went on deaf when two trains, the Chennai Beach-Vellore Cantonment Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU) train crashed into the stationary Arakonam-Katpadi passenger from behind while it was waiting at the signal. The impact of the collision is so powerful that three coaches of the stationary train and two of MEMU train were thrown off the track. Around 10 persons were killed and 100 were injured.

                                              source:daily thanthi
Immediately after the tragic incident took place, Swayamsevaks led by Kanchi Jilla Karyavah Sri Vasudevachandar reached the accident spot near Arakkonam to help the victims.  With the help of Dhandas carried with them they retrieved some dead bodies caught between the coach and the track.  Under the guidance of Police and Railway authorities, they also helped to send the injured to various hospitals.  Under the very trying circumstances--raining and dark-Swayamsevaks' role, particularly their preparedness with Dhanda, torch lights etc. were well noticed by the other rescuing personnel.     


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