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Digvijay booked for remarks against RSS by Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Allahabad

Digvijay booked for remarks against RSS by Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Allahabad

Source: IndiaToday

The Chief Judicial Magistrate Court in Allahabad on Friday ordered registration of a case against Congress leader Digvijay Singh for this statement in Ujjain on July 18 calling RSS a bomb making factory.

Singh had said the "RSS was spreading terrorism in the country and it has been making bomb factories."

The Congress general secretary had earlier courted controversy when he said that he did not rule out the involvement of Sangh in Mumbai serial blasts.

While the RSS and the BJP had slammed him, the Congress had washed its hands off the comments.

"We pity the situation a senior leader like Digvijay Singh finds himself in.... He has started acting like a street bully. We pity him," RSS leader Ram Madhav had said earlier.

"It is very unfortunate that Digvijay Singh is deliberately trying to provoke and seeking to change the entire investigation into the Mumbai serial blasts. It is BJP's charge that he is deliberately trying to communalise the fight against terror for petty political gains," BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad had said.

The Congress had said that "unnecessary speculation" did not help when an investigation was going on.

"It would be better if you put this question to him," was the repeated refrain of party spokesperson Manish Tewari to questions on whether the party endorsed Singh's remarks on the RSS.


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