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Chennai Sandesh

Police needlessly alarmed over "Muslim Terrorism" in posters

From 1994 till date 46000 persons were killed in various bomb blasts conducted all over the country. 18743 persons were permanently disabled persons. Hindu Munnani conducted a statewide agitation against Terrorism on 17th July 2011. Around 9350 people participated in 57 places of the State of which 2000 were women.  In Chennai, the agitation took place in front of Memorial Hall. Sri Ramagopalan, Hindu Munnani Leader has asked the 'Centre to emulate the country for fighting terror attacks in India. Condemning terrorism, he said India must take steps for improving strategic relations with Israel.  Weapons and gadgets must be procured from West Asia nation in an attempt to counter terrorism.  He also insisted on the need to provide training for the public on how to protect themselves during terror attacks'. He also suggested the Government to utilize the services of the common people for intelligence purposes on the lines of involving citizens to capture Naxals. In Tirupur, hundreds of Hindu Munnani activists observed anti-terrorism day by holding a demonstration. Demonstration was led by State Secretary Kadeswara Subramnaiam and Zonal Organiser Kishore.  Motcha deepam was lighted all over the place in memory of the persons who lost their lives during Mumbai blasts on that day. 
About 8 Muslim outfits cried foul at the very sight of anti-terrorism posters mentioning "Muslim Terrorism". They lodged a joint complaint with the police as a result of which a few workers of hindu organizations were picked by the Ramanathapuram police and let off later.  In nearby Paramakudi, poster containing 'Muslim Terrorism' triggered police excess. Hindu activists there were arrested for holding a demonstration against terrorism permission for which was refused by the paramakudi police. 

Chennai SJM Meet appreciates Rajkot and Ludhiana success stories

The fifth anniversary of 'Paathai, Payanam, Paarvai' was celebrated by Swadeshi Jagran Manch on 17th July 2011.  A book "Path Breakers' chronicling the experiences of entrepreneurs in their businesses was released at the function.  Sri Ashwani Mahajan, member steering committee released the book, which was received by Gopal Srinivasan, MD, TVS Capital Funds Ltd. S.Gurumurthy, national co-convenor of the SJM, Dr. M S Shiva Prasad, Councillor, Aramanenagar Ward, Malleshwaram, besides several others.  Sri Gopal Srinivasan said the India's economic growth in the next two decades will be driven by small and medium enterprises. 'Currently, our GDP is $1.5trillion.  In 2025, it will grow by six times.  The gap between the present and future will be filled by small and medium enterprises.'
In his address, Gurumurthy traced the spirited fight of Indian multi-national Tata to break stereotypes and said that Indian enterprises lacked the requisite resources to be successful in a globalised era.   A multitude of small businesses in the country like the ones in Rajkot and Ludhiana had proved that they could be highly successful despite challenges.  The personal savings of the Indian families continued to be a significant strength of the Indian economy, he added. 'An estimate says that India would need $1.7 trillion for developing infrastructure.  However, we will not need even a single dollar from outside, as the country's savings is more than sufficient to fund this initiative, he added.

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