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Attempt of Grahat Panchayat to stop loot of travelling public by Railways

Three representatives of Akila Bharatha Grahat Panchayat – All India based consumer movement has submitted a Memorandum to the Minister of State for Railways, Mukul Roy at Delhi on 20th June, 2011 for withdrawal of outstation reservation fee. ABGP objects that for simply without any extra work or service, an extra charge of Rs.10/- is collected for sleeper class and Rs.20/- for higher class when tickets are booked at Railway Reservation Counters at other destinations. Signatures from 3000 passengers with PNR details are submitted along with the Memorandum.

The Memorandum reads as, "………….As All India based consumer movement; ABGP is presenting this memorandum on behalf of crores of train passengers. Even though, reservation of train tickets are nowadays simplified through computer networking programme to serve the traveling commuters better, extra charges are levied at a minimum of Rs.10/- (for sleeper class) and Rs.20/- (for higher classes) in addition to the normal ticket fare, when passengers book a ticket at Railway reservation counters for outstation onward journey as well as return journey……"

When roughly calculated, Railway Department collects Rs.20,00,000/- per day throughout the country.

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