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RSS condemns the shameful and shocking Police action against Baba Ramdev

The Barbaric atrocities committed by Police, at the behest of Central
Government, on the thousands of peaceful and non-violent demonstrators
sitting at Delhi's Ram Lila Grounds is highly condemnable, shameful and
shocking. The thousands of people who were on an indefinite fast since
morning of June 4, 2011 under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman Aandolan led
by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev were demanding action against corruption and a law
to get Black Money back to India that has been, over several years,
deposited in tax havens abroad.
Lathi-charge, firing tear gas shells and forceful eviction by the Police on
these peaceful and non-violent demonstrators at late in the night reminds
us of the black days of Emergency imposed by the then Congress government.
The brazen and cowardly attacks by Police on the demonstrators that did not
even spare women, children and elderly only shows that the present
government has no regard for the people's sentiments.

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