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Press Statement of Shri Suresh (Bhaiyaji) Joshi Ji

A few ministers of the incumbent central government and office-bearers of Congress party have for the last two days led a vicious campaign against RSS, repeating allegations of RSS hand behind the ongoing anti-corruption movements in our country. We feel this is yet another cheap tactic by the government to divert people's attention and mislead them about the ongoing anti-corruption movement in the nation.

Instances of corruption among the high and mighty and government's inaction to prosecute them or even shield the corrupt have resulted in dissatisfaction among the masses that is now visible in huge anti-corruption protests across the country. Social Activist like Shri Anna Hazare and sanyasi like Shri Baba Ramdev have come forward to express and channelise the collective public anger against corruption. Its natural that general public have rallied behind them.

Instead of paying heed to people's anger, the government has chosen to adopt a dictatorial stance. The barbaric suppression and crackdown on Ramdev's agitation at Ramlila maidan only shows the stubbornness of the government and its insensitivity towards people of this country.

We urge that the government shun this approach and hold discussions, without devious and deceitful attitude, with the leaders of anti-corruption protests and work towards bringing back the black money stashed in tax havens abroad and ending the rapidly increasing corruption. Government should focus on bringing about appropriate changes by the current processes and activities by making appropriate changes in the current legislation. This is the most important necessity of the current time.

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