Valedictory function at Sangha Siksha Varga - First Year, 2011

Valedictory function at Sangha Siksha Varga

7th May 2011 Sangha Siksha Varga 2011, Uttar Tamilnadu Sankara Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sankar nagar, Pammal, Chennai

The valedictory function of the Sangh Siksha Varga started with the padasanchalan (Route March) of the sikshartis with Dhanda and Ghosh. Padasanchalan was inaugurated by Shri. Renganathan – AIADMK leader of Pammal at 4.45 Pm. It passed through Pozhichalur main road, Pammal main road, Sankar nagar streets and reached the sanghasthan. Large number of public witnessed the route march and offered flowers to Baghava dhwaj. Sangh Adikaris saw the march from a special dais erected near the Rettai Pillayar Koil junction. The route march reached the program venue exactly on time as per plan, Police personal headed by Deputy Commissioner and the local inspector where witness to the perfectly planned timing and congratulated our team.

Public Function at Sanghasthan at 6.00pm

The public function started with pradarshan (demonstrations) by the Siskhartis of the skills they have learnt in the varga including Ghosh. Prantha Sanghachalak Mananeeya Dr. M.L. Rajaji released a book on Chatrapathi Sivaji (Book contains the speech of P.P. Sarsangachalak Dr. Mohanji Bhagawat on Hindu samrajya din in year 2010) and it was received by Shri. K.C. Arunachalam Chettiar – State president, Anaithu Chettiar Munnetra Peravai. Rtn. S. Viswanathan – Reception committee president delivered the presidential address.

Varga Adikari Shri. Ponramanji welcomed the gathering and introduced the elders. Shri. K.C. Arunachalam Chettiar, Poojya Swami Yathunanandaji Maharaj from Ramakrishna mission ashram, T Nagar and Prantha Karyavah Dr. K. Kumarasamyji, spoke on the occasion.

Dr. K.Kumarasamyji in his boudik told that this varga(camp) is to impart noble impressions in the mind of the youths, so that they can go back to their places and start shakas(RSS branch) and work for integrating society to achieve a peaceful and vibrant nation. He also covered various activities of the Sangh and appealed to the large gathering to come forward in strengthening the activities of the Sangh work.

Shri. K.C. Arunachalam Chettiar in his speech told that for discipline and good conduct every youth should join RSS and become swayamsevaks and appealed to the parents present there to send their children to RSS shaka.

Rtn. S. Viswanathan in his speech told that Sankara School, Sankara Eye hospital and BP Jain hospital are always ready to support Sangh cause. He requested RSS Swayamsevaks to meet the public who come to the medical camps, temple cleaning activities conducted by their organizations and involve them in RSS nation building activities.

Poojya Swami Yathunanandaji Maharaj in his speech said, our nation Bharat which is currently looks like a sinking boat can only be lifted by RSS.

Over 500 swayamsevaks and guests (mainly from pammal and surrounding areas) attended the function.

Senior Sangh pracharak and Hindu munnani founder Shri. Rama Gopalanji, Poojya Swami Padmasthananda Maharaj from Ramakrishna mission ashram, T Nagar also attended the program. Shri B. Prakashji varga karyavah proposed the vote of thanks to all thosewho made the 20 days varga a grand success. Function concluded with Sangh Prarthana.

Kshetra karyavah Shri. A.R.Mohananji, Kshetra pracharak Shri. Sethumadhavanji, Kshetra saha pracharak Shri. Sthanumalayanji, Kshetra pracharak pramukh Dr. H.S. Govindaji, Saha Prantha karyavah Shri. S. Sambamurthyji, Prantha pracharak Shri. Bhakthanji and other sangha adikaris attended the program.

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