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Condolence message - Sri Satya Sai Baba

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R.S.S. Tamilnadu expresses its deep condolences at the sad demise of His Holiness
Sri. Satya Sai Baba today.

Sri Baba, known as Bhagavan to his countless devotees, was a constant source of
inspiration to them in devotion and service.

Sri Baba was always keenly interested in the national reconstruction endeavor of
R.S.S. He is foremost among those eminent personalities who played an active role
in spreading the noble Indian culture to all corners of the globe.

We pray to Almighty to give strength of mind to his devotees to bear the departure of
the noble soul and to take forward every activity benefiting the society initiated by
Sri Baba.

R.V.S. Marimuthu
(President, South Tamilnadu)

Dr. M.L. Raja
(President, North Tamilnadu)

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