Letter for apology from Aziz Burney

From: Aziz Burney 
Date: 28 January 2011 21:45
Subject: Letter for apology
To: Vinay Joshi

Dear Mr.Vinay Joshi,

Since last two years I am writing various articles regarding 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.You had filed court suit against me and Sahara Publications in Navi Mumbai court for my articles regarding Mumbai attack. I never wrote anything to deliberately hurt the feelings of anyone. But if you are disturbed or hurt due to any article or anything I quoted in my article,then I am extremely sorry for this.Hope you would accept my apology.

Also I am requesting you for the immediate withdrawal of court case filed against me in Navi Mumbai court,as it is creating professional difficulties for me and I cannot afford to bear cost of litigation.I never intended to target India's security apparatus and any patriotic organisation working in India. but if there are any references made in my articles by mistake then I am really sorry for that. I assure you that I will not write anything in future that may hurt anyone and I will take utmost care for the same.Expecting quick withdrawal of court case once again.

Thanks and regards,

Aziz Burney,
Sahara India Complex,
C-2,3,4; Sector 11,Noida-201301

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  1. So the need to apologize does occur when we commit mistakes.