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From spilling blood, to donating it…

From spilling blood, to donating it…

Patient and persistent efforts to bring about social transformation can bring about spectacular results. The place is Kadaladi Community Block in Ramanathapuram district (Tamilnadu, Bharat). Sevabharathi recently conducted a blood group identification camp there, as a prelude to blood donation camps. Speaking at the inaugural function as the Special Guest, the Chairman of Kadaladi Community Block, Shri Lingam Palkalai remarked, "This block is known for frequent violent incidents involving knife attacks and liberal spilling of blood. So, I am immensely pleased and surprised that the villagers have come forward to join hands with Sevabharathi and donate blood to save lives." Those in the audience immediately promised that they will not just stop with blood donation, but actively participate in the other Seva projects of Sevabharathi as well! Touching, isn't it?

From blog: http://sevabharathitn.wordpress.com/

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