Informative Session on Kashmir - 5th Dec - in English


IT Milan - Chennai


Invites you to an informative and purposeful program

Kashmir – An Integral part of Bharath

Who are the Separatists?               What is Azaadi?                Why Article 370?                                 

How Kashmir acceded & merged?           Where are the native Kashmiri Pandits?


Shri. N. Sadagopan, Former Editor, Vijayabharatham


                         Shri. Vishnuvijay, Major-Retd., Indian Army


Will address on

5th Dec 2010 Sunday by 10:00AM Sharp


    Ramakrishna Mutt School South,

    52-, Dhandapani street,( Off Burkit Road)

T Nagar, Chennai.



We request you to make it convenient to attend the programme with family and friends.

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  1. This was a wonderful program enlightening various aspects of the Kashmir Problem viz. its genesis, repeated blunders by the Central Government and the repercussions it has on a Global scale. Shri N.Sadagopan had dealt with this engrossing topic for about 100 minutes superbly outlining all the important events. Shri Vishnu Vijay explained the dilemma of the Armed forces and the situation on the ground. He gave the realistic perspective of the current situation in Kashmir. I hope the collective conscious of our countrymen will impress upon the leaders to do the right thing at-least in the matters of National security and sovereignty.