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'Congress leaders in race to make wild charges' - Ram Madhav Ji

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) slammed Rahul Gandhi for his "shocking" remarks against Hindu groups, saying there was a "race" in the senior Congress leadership to project Hindus as terrorists.

"It is shocking that there is a race in the senior Congress leadership to indirectly or directly support jehadi terror and to project Hindus as terrorists in this country, that too in gross violation of established diplomatic norms and procedures," senior RSS leader Ram Madhav said.

According to Wikileaks, Gandhi had told US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that growth of radicalised Hindu groups was a bigger threat than Lashkar-e-Taiba.

"Going to a foreign ambassador and talking with him about India's international issues is most shocking. It only betrays utter lack of knowledge of Indian reality as well as lack of knowledge of government diplomatic practices in a person who aspires to be whatever in this country tomorrow," Madhav said.

He alleged that Gandhi was making "wild charges" against Hindus.

Wikileaks has exposed how Congress has no qualms in using religion and caste and exploiting these sentiments for electoral gains, he alleged.

"There is no secret now about Congress' politics of religion," he said.

The RSS leader was referring to Roemer's predecessor David Mulford's remarks, who had said that Congress planned to polarise the electorate on religious and caste lines to gain votes, according to Wikileaks.

Source : http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/congress-leaders-in-race-to-make-wild-charges-73169

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  1. Most unfortunate statement, which is most unbecoming of a very senior and responsible person of the stature of Digvijay Singh. One of the very few countries in the post World War II era to have aped the Nazis, is Pakistan. That country had murdered and driven away millions of Hindus and other non Muslim minorities, initially by mob violence and later by state sponsored policies. Within a decade after independence/ partition, this 'ethnic cleansing' in present day Pakistan, then known as West Pakistan, was completed. After its dismemberment in 1971, Pakistan had successfully solved its minority problem and become, in Nazi lexicon, "Hindu frei". India, on account of its Vedic Hindu heritage, has not and cannot ape the mostrosity carried out by its neighbour and rightly so. However, glossing over those crimes and targeting an organisation like Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, merely because of political and perhaps ideological divergence, is absolutely uncalled for. While there can be no second opinion on arresting the persons responsible for bomb blasts, whoever they may be and to whichever organisation they may belong to, politically motivated attacks will not help. Moreover, such a short sighted move, carried out to score a few cheap brownie points, will bolster the jihadi forces in Pakistan, who are the real spiritual forbears of the Nazis, as they believe in ridding the world of all non Muslims and even non conforming Muslims. Today, the jihadi monsters nurtured/ created by Pakistan are more powerful than the State of Pakistan and want to devour their benefactor/ creator. Pakistanis are only now slowly realising the impact of the poison that their State had spanned in the past and are deeply resentful of this fact. Pakistan is now on the verge of a civil war between the jihadis and the rest of the Pakistani population, which can break out anytime. That country is also bankrupt and is living on the charity of a few countries like USA, China and Saudi Arabia. In the event of jihadi takeover of Pakistan, India will be the second target of the jihadis, the first being the Pakistani people themselves.