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Grand Informative Event on Kashmir in Chennai

A packed auditorium rose in unison to reaffirm that Kashmir is an integral part of Bharath. More than 650 members across various age groups listened in rapt attention to Shri. N. Sadagopan, State Publicity Chief, RSS – North TN, who gave a very detailed factual information on the history and current situation of Kashmir. He gave a detailed overview of the Kashmir situation right from the early 20th century to the accession, the wars that were fought, the bravery of the defence forces, the agreements that were made and that were not honoured, the mistakes that were committed by the political leadership and the oppurtunities that were lost in solving the issue once for all. He also gave an insight into the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits and their current situation.

(From Left: Shri Vedavyas Kusro - A Surviving Kashmir Pandit, Shri. Suryanarayana Rao - Senior RSS Leader, Shri.MKR Mohan - Chennai Vibhag Karyawah, Shri.N Sadagopan - State Publicity Chief, RSS)

Many people listened to the whole speech standing throughout and also sitting in the corridor as it was a wonderful opportunity to get enlightened about our Kashmir. Five books detailing the Kashmir issue (in Tamil and English) and the recent Ayodhya Verdict (Tamil and English) were also released. More than 2000 copies were sold in no time.

Shri Vedavyas Kusro who’s family endured the ethnic cleansing of the hindus that took place in Kashmir in the 1990’s gave a first person’s account of the atrocities that were perpetrated on them. He lost 22 of his family members in the violence that was let loose on them. The entire audience was moved by the account of Shri. Kusro.

Ma. Shri. K. Suryanarayana Rao, Senior Leader – RSS gave an insight into the role of our politicians and also the role played by media agencies and the political leaders in brushing aside the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmir Pandits and not highlighting it but giving undue importance to the seperatists and anti-national forces. He encouraged the audience to get informed and share the information with friends and family. He mentioned that taking positive determined action rather than lamenting about the sorry state of affairs is the need of the hour.

To see a fully packed auditorium in Chennai listening to the details of the Kashmir and the situation there is a eye-opener. Sure this is only a start and more pro-active action from the citizens of Chennai would definitely follow.

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