Far from Truth - Ajmer Blast Chargesheet against Indresh Kumar

The 806—page chargesheet was filed before a court in Ajmer yesterday against five accused by the Rajasthan ATS. 

ATS sources said Shri.Indresh Kumar has not been made an accused in the case as further investigation is underway to ascertain whether he had any links with the blast. 

“We reject the media reports that claim that the name of Indresh Kumar, a senior functionary from New Delhi, features in the Ajmer dargah blast chargesheet. His name has only been mentioned in the document in connection with holding a meeting,” RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav told PTI here. 

“It is far from the truth. It will be challenged in the court,” he added. 

“This is well planned political conspiracy against me. ATS had conspired a absolutely baseless story, though I am not an accused according to the chargesheet of ATS. Its unfortunate taking this matter to the court of law. RSS does not believe in any type of social or political violence. 

I am ready to face it lawfully and I requested the media that instead of becoming an instrument in this conspiracy, they should bring the truth before the people. I also request the media not to allegate and malign the image of sangh and sangh adhikaries.”, Shri Indresh Kumar said in a statement. 

“Investigating agencies have been misused. The present government protects the traitors and wages a war against patriots. I will fight this injustice in court”, he said. 

The court fixed October 26 for arguments on the charge sheet.

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  1. Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh is right in dismissing the charges against its functionaries. Media and public at large should also take care in using appropriate choice of words, while describing anti-socials. Now, a handful of criminals who happen to use the name of Hinduism for justifying their acts are being called saffron terrorists. This is an insult to patriotic organisations, who are opposed to violence and have helped the Hindu society and country tremendously, but who also use saffron, like RSS, Ramakrishna Math, Sringeri Sharadambal Peetham, etc. Meanwhile, will media call people who were responsible for colonialism, apartheid in Africa and Nazi holocaust and similar other crimes as 'Christian terrorists'. It should not be forgotten that Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant and other christian churches had actively supported and in many cases been instrumental in committing various crimes against humanity, since the time of Emperor Constantine the Great. The christian churches committed these crimes, as Constantine the Great wanted to devalue other religions and even within Christianity, icons with the exception of Lord Jesus Christ, referred to as 'Son of God' in the Holy Bible. In this process, christian churches have gone against christian tradition and the Holy Bible itself. Christianity enjoins the worship of the Son of God's parents including his mother known as 'Virgin Mary', whose only child, incidentally, he was. But worship of this individual is prohibited. Constantine the Great also suppressed the existence of another Jesus Christ referred to as 'Son of Man' in the Holy Bible. This Jesus Christ was the real founder of Christianity, then known as Gnostic Christianity and the founder of current day Christianity known as 'St.Pauls' was his follower. Churches have also since the time of Constantine the Great, insulted the Son of Man's wife called Mary Magdalene and his apostle, known as Judas Isacrot, as they were against the Son of God.

  2. One of the false allegations made against the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh is that it supports Adolf Hitler and the nazis. This is absolute nonsense. Pre-independence Hindus and even other Indians might have looked upon Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler as redeemers, more out of a sense of frustation. However, after crimes committed by these individuals were documented, the attitude of Hindus and other Indians changed. Hindus had never been accomplice in the holocaust. Rather, followers of Hinduism, viz., the Gypsies, were the main targets of the nazis and were treated more brutally than even Jews. Sad to say this, but powerful elements in Christian churches of various denominations, particularly Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Romanian Orthodox, gave substantial support to the holocaust. Post WW II also, churches tried to help nazis and other Europeans accused of human rights violations. Similarly, a few Middle Eastern countries, acting as protectors of Islam, also gave refuge to quite a few such criminals. Today of course, many of them might feel ashamed of their actions. People who hurl abuses at RSS, should have their lies properly nailed.

  3. The holocaust was a state sponsored terrorist crime, committed mainly against non Christians of Europe like Jews and Gypsies, under the command and direction of the then German dictator Adolf Hitler. Raised as a Roman Catholic, Adolf Hitler was a staunch Christian. However, while acknowledging his catholic roots, he worked for christian unity. He was enrolled in a seminary, more because of the compulsion of his mother. However, he dropped out soon enough as he felt that the church was not giving respect to Lord Jesus Christ (referred to as 'Son of God' in the Holy Bible). The seminarians ridiculed Hitler but today, in the light of discovery of two Jesus, viz., 'Son of Man' and 'Son of God', though not officially acknowledged so far, Hitler's stand stands vindicated. Hitler was a staunch devotee of the 'Son of God', who was the only child of his mother known as Virgin Mary, a very important icon for all Christians, particularly catholic and orthodox. Hitler also respected Virgin Mary and changed Germany's flag to Swastika on her remembrance day, i.e., August 15, 1935. Incidentally, after his stint in seminary, Hitler despite being anti-church, adopted "church tactics" in dealing with non Christians. The church authorities, cutting across denominational barriers, gave Hitler full support , justifying their stand on account of the anti Christian policies of the then Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin.

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