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United Hindu power on display at Tambaram

United Hindu power successfully rebuffs Muslim goondaism in Tambaram, Chennai.

A common roadside clash went on at Tambaram, Chennai. A bike rider dashed a shop boy. When the shop boy questioned the rider for such driving, there started a quarrel. The shop boy went to his shop and the bike rider followed him. The Shop owner also questioned the rider and supported his shop boy. The quarrel soon became an attack by Muslim goondas led by 20 TMMK men including the bike rider. They attacked the shop and the shop keeper. The bike rider was a Muslim and a member of TMMK (Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam). The Shop owner is a Hindu. The news spread throughout the town immediately. All the Hindu businessmen united and called for a Bandh on 10-8-2010 against such aghast behavior of the Muslims against Hindus. Bandh was organized by the local Congress MLA Bhagawandass Reddiar. It was a total Bandh supported by all party members including DMK. Congress passed a resolution giving effect to the Bandh, and demanding TMMK Office which is situated in the Municipal area, a clear case of encroachment, to be removed. Police informed that they have arrested 11 TMMK persons.


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  3. The Muslims are getting ready for a third islamic country in the sub continent .You idiotic secular hindus awake arise and protect the last symbol and country of the hindus dont talk philosophy like blood is red all are same get ready for the final battle .Dont forget the sacrifices of The Greatest ruler Chathrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, Adi Shankara .Please join RSS and protect our country .This country belongs to the hindus .By being just 5% the muslims create so much terror in Tamil Nadu .Imagine the future .Treat the Muslims as third grade citizens ,dont give them voting rights ,then no bloody idiot will come to help them .Only then we will get real freedom.

    Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji

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  5. What can we expect from the dirty pigs. It should be eliminated from the earth.