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Finally a small step to identify forcible conversion - contributions regulation bill !!

Finally the Government has taken a small step in identifying anti-national forces by bringing in Contribution Regulation bill. Its public knowledge how millions of rupees are received by spurious NGOs on various guises but most of the money is spent on evangelist activities and forcible conversions. Even though this has been happening for almost a decade, the government has just now woken up from its sleep (rather forced to act now as the money is not just being used for conversions but also for anti-national activities. Hope more such steps are taken in the larger interests of the society and country.
Pls read the article below....

RS approves foreign contribution regulation Bill

NEW DELHI: Aiming to put a check on huge foreign fund flow into the country, Rajya Sabha on Thursday approved a new legislation moved by the home ministry to regulate foreign contributions and hospitality by individuals and organisations, in the wake of changed internal security scenario.

The new law debars certain categories of individuals and organisations to accept overseas funds, including judges and government servants, members of legislature and political parties and election candidates.

The Bill prohibits persons, who have been prosecuted or convicted for indulging in activities aimed at religious conversion through inducement of force, from receiving foreign contribution and along with persons who have been prosecuted or convicted for creating communal tension or disharmony.

While the law prohibits use of foreign contribution for any speculative business, it debars associations or companies engaged in production of broadcast of audio-visual news or current affairs programmes from receiving foreign contributions.

Replying to a debate on the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Bill 2006, home minister P Chidambaram said: "The size of money coming to India is large. This requires to be regulated. We cannot allow laissez-faire."

The home minister informed that there were over 40,000 organisations receiving foreign contribution in the country, and half of them do not report the inflow of funds and do not file their accounts. "That is a cause for worry. Where is the money going," he wondered.

Chidambaram said Rs 10,000 crore is accounted for only from those who file their accounts and assuming that similar funds go unreported the total size of the kitty is large.

While the provisions of the new law will not apply on remittances received from relatives abroad and salaries or wages due from foreign sources, it will also exclude payment for international trade.

Though legitimate charitable and social activities would be permitted to access foreign funds, Chidambaram said the government would like to ensure "that the foreign money does not dominate social and political discourse in India. There is enough money within India."

While supporting the Bill, BJP member M Rama Jois objected to the provision which provides that no foreign contribution shall be accepted by an "organisation of a political nature," arguing that it gave sweeping powers to the Centre.

In case, the organisations receiving foreign funds do not file accounts the government will have power to cancel their registration. The Bill provides for weeding out and cancellation of registration of associations that have remained dormant.

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  1. Sir/Madam,

    There are numerous websites on conversion to other religions.

    But when somebody wants to convert to Hinduism, I dont think there is any information on the internet.

    The websites of RSS and VHP should have detailed information on organizations which will help interested individuals to convert to Hinduism along with the contact information/FAQ.