RSS-VHP dominates Orissa's schools *


June 26, 2010

Radical Hindu groups in the Indian state of Orissa may have stolen a
march on Christians by developing a large network of schools in rural
areas of the state neglected by the Church, an education expert fears.
Since 1978, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS, national volunteer
corps) has built a network of 793 schools in the eastern state with a
faculty of 12,000 teachers, local reports say. "The RSS has spearheaded
the movement, successfully penetrating into the educational systems of
both the grassroots and centralized regulatory commissions," Angana
Chatterji is a professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the
California Institute of Integral Studies, USA. "A whole new generation
is being grown indoctrinated in Hindutva (Hindu ideology). It is a
devious strategy to teach hate to the young," the paper claims, with as
many as 55 of the top 100 10th grade students now coming from these

"The RSS made it clear that the schools, called Shishu Mandirs, together
with the Ekal Vidyalayas (single-teacher primary schools in villages),
were set up to counter the influence of the schools run by the Church,"
John Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council, said.
He lamented that Christian schools, which are mostly located in
metropolitan cities and towns, have earned the reputation of being elite
English language institutions for the rich and powerful. Barring a few
exceptions, there are hardly any Christian schools in rural areas, Dayal
added, and the RSS-run schools fill the vacuum, providing high quality
education without the elitism. "The Church needs to do a rethinking in
this regard," he warned. Father Anselm Biswal, former director of social
work, agreed. "The schools that we have are no match for the RSS
schools," he said. "What we require today is a commitment and direction
to the issue of education". In this year's annual examinations for the
tenth class, children of the RSS schools, many of them sons and
daughters of government officials, took the top positions across Orissa.


The Christians are admitting that the RSS schools provide a very good
education, and that they are NOT able to do so.  I trust the missionary
supporters and the secularist recognise this fact.

The above is not polemic, but to indicate the perverted spin that the
Christina missionaries are indulging in.

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  1. Its good to hear of the academic growth, but it is appreciable to teach students with some morals, ethics and hospitality to serve human kind. This brings the real meaning of education which the present society lack. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE IN TRUTH AND WISDOM. Learn to serve for The Truth himself came in the form of man to serve humanity.

  2. Bravo....keep it up and please implement such a programme in Tamil Nadu....the missionaries here are causing havoc. The Church of South India needs to be opposed!

  3. VHP is not invading other states or countries to denounce all other religions for conversion to Hinduism. Only Christian Missionaries have entered with help of European pirates named East India companies of Portugal, Netherland, France and Britain. Only Francis Xavier brutally murdered at least 2 lakh persons for conversion of Hindus to Christianity. Daily he was burning alive 7 Hindu women for his recreation at dinner time. Politics of conversion and loot in context of Japan (partly connected to India) has been well described in Shogun by James Clavel for period 1600-1641 AD. Shogun Toranaga had called then converts by deceipt as rice christians-because they first loot and destroy the region and then give rice for conversion. In 1865 AD, Commissioner of Orissa, Ravenshaw forcible collected all paddy and exported it out thereby killing 35 lakh persons by slow starvation over months compared to merciful killing of 10 lakh jews in 2 minutes by gas chambers.If VHP or any Oriya tries to educate its peole, why foreign Christian missionaries should be aggrieved? Is it their aim to keep all people starved and illiterate so that they turn to Missionaries?