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Interview with Manmohan Vaidya, RSS prachar pramukh

‘Let their guilt be proved first

Manmohan Vaidya: “Therehave been attempts time and again to defame and discredit the RSS.”

The RSS being a cadre-based organisation, how do you view the latest revelations about its activists being involved in terrorist activities?

First, let me correct the notion that those said to have been exposed are Sangh activists. Not a single Sangh leader or pracharak or active member has been found to be involved in such activities so far even by the CBI. As for the latest sting operation [by a television channel], it features somebody who is not our member anymore. The RSS' name was unnecessarily dragged into this controversy by overzealous TV channels. The Sangh is a peace-loving organisation, we do not believe in any type of violence and in fact condemn violence in the strongest possible words. If any Sangh member has ever been found guilty, we will not try and defend such people. Action must be taken against them, but in the name of action, they should not be harassed unnecessarily even before their guilt has been proved. Let their guilt be proved first. Do not declare them guilty without even a shred of evidence. So far there is no evidence of any active Sangh leader being involved in terrorist activities.

But people like Sadhvi Pragya and Lt Col S.P. Purohit drew their ideological inspiration from the RSS. How do you justify their involvement in terrorist activities?

They might have drawn their inspiration from the Sangh ideology, but they were not active Sangh members. The Sangh is an open organisation, people come in and walk out all the time. What people do after they leave us is not our responsibility. Following the Sangh ideology of promoting Hindutva throughout one's life needs patience, creativity and commitment. There might be elements who lack these qualities and they would certainly get disillusioned if they do not see immediate gains and may take recourse to deviant activities like indulging in terrorist activities. But that does not mean the RSS as a whole should be dubbed a terrorist organisation. There have been attempts time and again to defame and discredit the RSS, and every time we have proved these theories wrong. Our patriotism and selfless service to the nation is accepted by even those who are ideologically opposed to us.

But the perception that is gaining ground is that the RSS, by not adequately condemning violence by its sympathisers, supports violence, and this perception has given credence to theories of Hindu terrorism. How do you plan to counter this perception?

The RSS has never supported and will never support violence in any form. As for the term Hindu terrorism, it is a misnomer. How can you club an entire community with the concept of terrorism? Does anybody in this country dare talk of Muslim terrorism? Coining such terms is a conspiracy to defame the Sangh. It is a political conspiracy to defeat and defame Hindutva forces. In order to garner Muslim votes, vested interests are playing communal and divisive politics. We will not let this conspiracy succeed. If need be, we will go to the people, make them aware, run campaigns, approach the media, and our senior leaders will directly talk to the people. Theories like Hindu terrorism are coined by those in the government who have failed to curb the larger menace of terrorism in the country. It is nothing but a diversionary tactic to deflect attention from their own failures. But people know us. They know that the Sangh believes in sadhna.

Even if, as you say, this is a temporary phase meant to discredit the Sangh, would it not harm the BJP politically as long as it lasts?

True, it draws inspiration from us, but the BJP is a political party led by politically mature people, and they know what is to be done in these circumstances. We are not supposed to tell them what they should do or should not. They should be able to manage their affairs, and I am sure they will be able to manage it well.

But is it not a fact that the BJP is paying a political price for controversies involving the Sangh?

Possible, but it is for them to see how they can counter it.


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