Grand Hindu Rally in Karur

The 6th State Conference of Hindu Munnani was held at Tiruvalluvar Ground, Karur. The Conference was inaugurated by an industrialist Ratna Gunasekaran, presided over by T Arasu Raja. Felicitations were offered by Sadananda Swami of Ramakrishna Tapovanam and Chaithanya Maharaj of Veliimalai. Akhila Bharatha Sarjaryawah of RSS, Sri Suresh Joshi Ji, Hindu Munnani Founder Sri Rama Gopalan Ji, BJP State President Pon Radhakrishnan, and Hindu Munnani State Organizer Sri N Muruganandam delivered their speeches in the Conference. Nearly 30,000 volunteers participated in the Conference. One lakh public viewed the rally and the Conference. A rally was organized by the Hindu Munnani which commenced in Vengamedu, Karur.
Various resolutions were passed in the Conference. Resolutions were on the biased attitude towards Hindus in the areas of temple maintenance, threat to temples in the name of obstructions to roads, Maoists threat, giving importance to spiritualism during the World Tamil Conference to be held at Coimbatore, educational concessions, and special allowances to BPL families, subsidies to places of worship, tax on pilgrimage, family planning and general civil laws.

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  1. During my recent visit to TN I saw the posters of this event near Udamelu Petu and few other cities.

    But such event need to be organized on frequent basis so that people will bother why such events are been organized, so far hardly anyone bothers about such event in TN as far as Kalaigner and his family dominates the state.

    Still people in TN believes that they are Dravidian and not Hindus so mass awareness program must be carried out that Dravidian ideology is nothing but fake ideology of Christian Missionaries Cladwell.

    I think Right Wing Hindu groups must come together and circulate pamplets across TN for creating such awareness.

    Recent book Life and Works Of Annadurai by R. Kanan too has mentioning of how Dravidian theory was construct in one of his chapter in the boos so such chapter must be circulated in form of Pamphlets. If Temples circulates their festivals and events pamphlets why this awareness on fake Dravidian must be circulated.

    I still remember VHP used to distribute such anti-Hindu articles details in Gujarat in early 90's, which created mass awakening among people and helped in bringing BJP to power.

    So I think all right wing Hindu groups must join hands together and start agitation.

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