Time for Action - Unabated Trafficking of Kids & Sexual Abuse by Christian Missionaries

Southern States of Tamilnadu and Kerala are witnessing increasing child trafficking and sexual abuse of girls and kids. Almost all these activities are directly related to Christian missionaries and Churches. Its time people improve their awareness of such activities and remain vigilant. 

Given below is the list of news reports (links) based on only a few english dailys - also see a sample report below.
As dutiful bharathiya citizens, we are obligated to remain vigilant and also report all such illegal and anti-national activities immediately to the law enforcing agencies.

Southern discomfort


At 3,000, Tamil Nadu holds the distinction of having the highest number of registered NGOs in India.It also receives a large amount of foreign funds for its NGO sector. 

World Vision,Chennai,has been one of the top recipients of foreign funds for the last couple of years,getting Rs 256 crore in 2007. 

According to a report by the ministry of home affairs,Tamil Nadu got close to 20 per cent of all the funding routed to India in the year 2007.It also marked a 56 per cent increase in the inflow of funds from the previous year. 

Sadly,the generous funding is attracting all sorts of unscrupulous elements to'social work'.They float new NGOs and set up unregistered children's homes with bare minimum facilities. 

These crooks running the homes masquerade as pastors,missionaries and so on,and have links with small denomination churches in the northeast.With the help of these churches,they manage to convince locals about their ostensible intentions - giving the children a better education - and take them away to'homes'. Then,with their church connections,they manage to get funds. Many such homes are just a front for making money in the name of religion and social work. 

Last month,close to 100 children from Assam and Manipur,aged between 8-12 years,were rescued from such homes in Chennai and Kanyakumari. 

The police rescued 16 Manipuri children from Reach Home Children Foundation,an NGO at Mogappair in Chennai on January 5. 

Within a matter of days,76 children - 53 of them from Manipur and the rest from Assam - were rescued from Bedesta Blessing,a children's home in Kuzhithurai in Kanyakumari district. 

"Some of the children from Reach Home Foundation told us that they were molested by Immanuel,a pastor who was running the home,and his teenaged son.Several of them had developed scabies and other skin infections.They were all terribly malnourished," CWC chairperson,P Manorama,told TOI-Crest. 

Police suspect that some girls from the Kanyakumari home may have been used as sex workers.In an earlier incident in August 2008,22 Manipuri children were rescued from Life Children's Home,an unregistered home run by a pastor called Justin in Padappai,Chennai. 

However,the crime continues unabated.While interviewing the children rescued from Bedesta Blessing,the police stumbled on some shocking news - 74 girls were smuggled to Bangalore just before the raid at the home. The police are on the look out for these unfortunate children.
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Statewide child trafficking ring busted, 4 held


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  1. This is not a comment but a complaint, one pastor named as MANOHAR has a church at Karumavilai, Kaungal, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. He is doing many illegal activities, at present have two wifes. One wife is at Nagercoil,(Behind Jesus Calls office, K.P. Road) Tamil Nadu. She is also running a church & have a phinomi husband & two children. If you have take the DNA test for this two children, you will find the real father. He has one orphanage also, In what purpose start the orphanage nobody knows. How many other illegal lady contacts we don't know. I like to take action aganist this Pastor but alone not able to take any action. Not only this Pastor most of the Pastors in kannyakumari district has illegal contact with ladies and cheatig money from innocent peoples. A Pastor must be an example in the society then only the people (believers) can get the correct teachings otherwise people receive the corrupt teachings.

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