RSS Sarkaryawah Shri Suresh (Bhaiya Ji) Joshi condemns false allegations on Sangh in Ajmer Blast investigations

Sarkaryawah Ma. Shri Suresh (Bhaiya Ji) Joshi Ji’s Statement

We have seen news reports of arrest of some suspected persons by ATS in relation to bomb blasts that took place in our country sometime earlier. RSS strongly condemns attempts to spread rumours through some newspaper reports that it was linked to the blasts

RSS always has faith in the Constitution. Sangh will neither empathise with nor patronise illegal and violent activities.

Having faith in the impartiality of the investigations (into the Ajmer blast), Sangh office-bearers of the concerned region have announced that the accused person has been relieved of all responsibilities with immediate effect,

Let proper investigation take place on the suspected persons and appropriate legal action be definitely take place at the same time let innocent persons not be harassed.

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