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RSS demands Centre's intervention to end Manipur crisis

RSS demands Centre's intervention to end Manipur crisis

Nagpur: RSS today demanded immediate steps from the Centre to end the economic blockade faced by people of Manipur and for their safety.

"It was highly deplorable to shut both the national highways to Manipur for last 17 days while opposing the entry of NSCN-IM leader T Muivah in Manipur", RSS General Secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said in a statement here today.

About 25 lakh people in Manipur are hit by the closure of national highways. Prices of essential commodities including rice, pulses, floor, diesel, petrol and kerosenes are skyrocketing. Dimapur-Imphal NH 39 and Jiribam-Imphal NH 53 are closed since April 11, he said.

"I, therefore, urge the Centre and state to initiate immediate steps to reopen the closed national highways. Some years ago, the Centre intervened to reopen the Jammu-Srinagar national highways within 48 hours, Joshi recalled

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  1. I had always thought the RSS was an up and coming fascist group (fascist is not a dirty word in my book) and yet its suggesting to cure the problems of Manipur here seem both insipid and wishy washy. Is the RSS trying to repackage itself as some kind of liberal democratic pressure group based on a western humanist model?

    Surely what is needed is radical change. If you no longer believe in Ramraj then at least suggest direct Presidential rule for a few years. Development of an infrastructure on par with mainland India, for example the construction of roads and bridges using local workers. Truth and Reconciliation hearings to air grievances on all sides. The repeal of AF(SP)A so that at least one side can be committed to the rule of law, and to begin the process of accountability. Peace process sponsored by women's groups although the RSS may find that hard to swallow. Then elections in three years and so that again politicians form the habit that when they make promises to improve the life of their citizens they offer these citizens the opportunity to judge their conduct from time to time and if they have failed to remove them and replace them with others. Opening the highways until the next closure seems to be to have so completely misunderstood the problems of Manipur your suggestions might as well have been written by a foreigner sojourning in Kerala.

    Desmond M Coutinho
    Kerala 686001