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Denigrating Hinduism under Government Patronage

Denigrating Hinduism under Government Patronage

"Periyar Science and Technology Center" aka "The Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Center" has organised a "Summer Science Camp" for High School students for three days (17, 18 and 19 May 2010) in the Birla Planetorium, Kotturpuram, Chennai.

Today's "Dinamalar" (http://www.dinamalar.com/fpnnewsdetail.asp?news_id=7564 ) has reported that in the course of talks and demonstrations the authorities have denigrated Hinduism, its customs & rituals, worshipping patterns, religious traditions, etc, in the name of science and rational thinking. The "professors" seemed to have insulted Hindu Gods and religious texts. One comment under Dinamalar's report says that one teacher had belittled Bhagawan Shiva and the Saivaite Literature "Periya Puranam" in the said porgram. Who has authorised these "persons" to conduct Brain Washing courses and poison young minds against Hindus under Government Patronage?

Parents of the students are agitated over the venomous attempts by these highly motivated anti-Hindu forces in authority and their attempts to denigrate Hindus, Hindu religion and Hindu Gods, and spreading communal hatred and discord in the name of "rationalism". This "rationalism' does not include the barbaric practices and beleifs of other religions but is used to target Hindus exclusively.

Why don't these Periyar Scientists state that firewalking is not an exclusively Hindu ritual but Muhammedans and Chrisitans also follow it in various countries including India.Will these Periyar Scientists talk about the barbaric and savage practice of circumcision or halal butchery by muhammedans? Will they demonstrate how a Virgin will give Birth to the Son of God?

If not, then why are they provoking Hindus and poisoning the minds of our Children?

Lodge your protest by calling Birla Planetarium, Chennai at 044-24416751, 044-24410025

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