Congress misuses CBI

-         V. Shanmuganathan`     
           The Central Bureau of Investigation has become a political
arm of the ruling Congress party. The CBI has been used as a threat to
corner the opposition leaders and get their support to serve their
political interests. There is indeed a vulnerable section in the
opposition.  It is vulnerable because of cases of corruption against
their leaders. CBI  was utilized to defeat the cut motion in
Parliament. Now the CBI is being used to harass senior leaders of the
NDA and other opposition Leaders.    
           Unfortunately ordinary people of our country are carried
away by the silent, serious, thoughtful face of Congress PM Manmohan
Singh. Behind this innocent appearance, a blatant misuse of the
Central Bureau of Investigation Is going on unabatedly.
           People in general must be made to understand, how this UPA
Government has completely destroyed the Independence and autonomy of
the CBI.          
1          The Bofors case is systematically finished by misusing the
CBI. The Italian Businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi no longer figures in
the CBI list of wanted persons and the 12 years old Interpol has
removed the red corner notice against the lone surviving suspect in
the Bofors pay off case.           
2          Congress leader Jagdish Tyler accused in the 1984 anti-Sikh
riots case was given a clean chit by a closure of case again him.
3          The case against Ajit Jogi for attempting to buy MLAs was
cleverly finished.          
4          Sanction for prosecution was not granted against Satish
Sharma in a case of nepotism regarding allotment of petrol pumps.
5          The case of possessing disproportionate assets against Lalu
yadav was weakened by changing the public prosecutor.          
           A special bench of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal was
created to exonerate him of any tax liability and legitimize his
wealth so that it can be used as the basis for acquittal in the
criminal trial. When that did happen, the CBI was advised not to file
an appeal before High Court. When the State Government filed an
appeal, the CBI took a plea that nobody else had the authority to make
an appeal.        
6          The case against the BSP leader MS Mayawati regarding the
Taj Corridor was diluted when the BSP support was required in 2007.
However, at the time of no confidence Vote in 2008 the case of
disproportionate assets against her was activated when she was
actively opposing the UPA. Suddenly in April 2010, a statement is made
before the Supreme court seeking to dilute the case of
disproportionate assets against Mayavati when her support is required
in the Cut Motion in the Loksabha.       
7          Affidavits in the case of Mulayam Singh Yadav were changed
depending on the Circumstances when he supported the Government or
when he opposed the Government.      
8          A false case against Shri George Fernandes was registered
in relation to defence transactions, even though the Commission of
inquiry headed by Justice Phukan had categorically opined that there
was no case against him.          
9          Today the State of Gujarat is witnessing the tyranny of the
CBI with a systematic effort being made to harass the functionaries of
the state government, particularly police officers, in order to
intimidate them and take vindictive action against them. This is being
done in cases which have already been investigated by the Special
Investigative Team set up by the Supreme Court.          
           In the last six years, the UPA government is an utter
failure in controlling the prices of essential commodities. It is not
able to handle the Maoist Violence and check the attacks of
Terrorists. The ministers are involved in serious corruption charges.
The allocation of 2 G spectrum by the Telecommunication Ministry at
throw away prices to a chosen few, has caused immense loss to the
public exchequer.         
           Ironically congress is successful in using CBI to cover up
the crimes related to the leaders of the UPA by subverting or closing
the cases. The UPA Government led by Congress threatens the vulnerable
opposition party's leaders by misusing the Central Bureau of
Investigation as a hanging sword so that they can be brought to the
bargaining Counter to muster a parliamentary majority. Ruling Congress
directs the CBI to act in a vindictive manner in the cases relating to
strong opponents of the UPA. People should fight this abuse of power
on all forums and find Justice.   
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