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Alert Hindus thwarted Conversion attempt by the Asst. Tahsildhar
On April 25th,2010 Sunday, a group of Parish Priests, New York based Biblical Student group and the Thasildhar who is working in Erode District Collector Office visited Sooriyampaalayam, Sottayampaalayam villages near Erode District, Tamilnadu and other villages around these two with colorful pamplets,brouchers stating the greatness of Christianity, benefits that can be attained when joining in Christianity, End of Democracy and Start of Jesus Kingdom all over the world and especially in Bharath (India), denigrating Hindu Gods and Hindu Customs and practices etc. They issued the pamphlets, notices in the schools and in slum areas. Some group visiting each and every hut in the village and call them for small meeting where they preach these things in detail and threaten them psychologically to convert as Christians.        

They visited to a Kesavan's house in the Revenue colony and preaching him & his family about Jesus and said "Democracy will get destroyed soon, Only Jesus will save us from everything and His Kingdom will exist forever in the World and all over the India". Kesavan refused and denied their invitation and preaching and advised them strongly- "Don't enter here with your ill-teachings and bad ideas. If you enter further inside the village will create a big problem, kindly go back". But the group of biblical students and a parish priest proceeded further.  

Another group consists of Venkatesan (aged 38) - working as a Science teacher in a Private school in Thiruchengode, Henry Mohandas (aged 65) - practicing Physiotheraphist near a Mariamman Kovil (Temple) in Veerappan Chattiram, Pokkisham (aged 61) and Yebsipa (aged 45) - from Manikkampaalayam Housing Unit, Kausalya (aged 28) - a student of  Anna University Distance Education, Johnson - working as a Assistant Thasildhar in the District Collector office started their Evangelical preaching and Christian Bhajans in the village. The villagers got angered and arrested them in the middle school in the village and punctured their Omni Van tyres. 

 Jayanthi who belongs to Sottayampaalayam village told that "They threaten my family and few neighbors also that 'only people belongs to Christianity and those who are the slaves of Jesus will be alive and others will die and become ashes by the fire'. By their ill preaching, unbearable sound Christian bhajans and the forcible religious conversion practice we arrest them in the school".

A ninth standard student Nivedha told that "They come to our house and started telling that 'No Hindu God is true and will not save you. Already more Swamiji and Hindu priests, mutt heads are not true and many criminal suites are against to them. Don't believe them. Yesu (Jesus) is the only saver of the world and the good shepherd of the world. Praying Yesu (Jesus) and chanting his name, wearing cross will save and protect you from all evils and do many good things for you'. Moreover they give a colorful picture illustrated story book containing "Yesu Kathaigal"    

When Gowri Sankar(villager) said "I thought some Insurance Company canvassing is going on. But in the midst they issue some pamphlets and small books containing benefits if converted to Christianity. Then only i understand that it is a conversion practice and religious preaching".   

In the books, pamphlets and shining brouchers there are many statements of cancer patients and bible verses that threaten if one is not a Christian and how Christianity helps a family with all means. For children Illustrated cartooned comic like books containing devils, hell pictures and Jesus taught and American buildings and life of kids there are picturized in detail.       

When the villagers reported this to Police, the Inspector of Sithodu - Mr.Muthusaami and Sub Inspector Saravanan and other constables reached the village and made peace talk with villagers and released and took those culprits to police station. At last, in the police station they just warned those evangelical priests and biblical student group with a written paper stating "Will not continue in any kind of forcible conversion hereafter" and released them.         

Asking about this to the New York based biblical student group they said "What we preached is true and we are not here to convert anyone forcibly. But it is true that Jesus (Yesu) is the only God who will rule India and the whole world". Mr. Johnson, Asst. Thasildhar refused that he didn't involve in such practice and told that he came there only to release few women who were closely related to him from the school. He also strongly stressed that "Democratic Rule will end soon, there is no truth or goodness in Democracy and only Divine Rule i.e; Kingdom of Yesappa (Jesus) will be there in this universe".

By this incident few villages in and around Erode District are still under tension.

Police let out the evangelical priests on the ground that they cannot file FIR against this case (i.e. no law against compulsory conversion!!)  Annoyed villagers submitted a petition with the Collector stating "Government employees should not indulge themselves in Caste, religious discrimination and politics.  Assistant Thasildhar Johnson and Yepsipa working as Government employees have indulged in such illegal activities. Stern action should be taken against them".

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