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Hindus give up their material rights for right to worship
Over the simmering controversy that blew up recently wherein Aandi, a devouted Hindu was brutally murdered by the Christian goondas, yet another struggle is going on. The land of Kaliamman (Durga) temple in Perumal Kovilpatti, Dindugal, Tamilnadu was sought to be illegally occupied by Christians. Even after peace talks went on for decades no fruitful results emerged. Dindigul Collector Valllalar who visited the area then had given permission to Hindus to construct a compound wall to protect the temple from Christian aggressors. Later, Collector did a U turn and denied the permission to construct the same as well as the request of Hindus to conduct festival citing that - Hindu poojas and festivals in the region will lead to communal unrest! But the villagers of Perumal Kovilpatti did not give up. They surrendered all their material rights given by the Government to show their protest against them from their birth right – the right to worship. Villagers here handed over their ration cards, voter identity cards, farmer identity cards, government life and health insurance cards back to Dindugal RDO to show their protest for banning them from celebrating a small festival in Kaliamman temple.

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  1. I just want to ask RSS and VHP office bearers why they where silent when Seeman addressed a gathering inside temple premises who himself is a Christians.
    The report stated that the protest was staged inside the premises of the Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore. The report stated film director 'Seeman' addressed the gathering…
    It shows sorry condition on temple going people that they keep silent on such incident…
    What stops RSS and VHP to take to the street against such move by some one who don’t have moral rights supported by TN govt.?