VSK Chennai sandesh

Promise kept even after centuries
Have you ever heard of a village without TASMAC (a government shop selling liquor) in Tamilnadu where every other street sports a TASMAC shop name board? In Aalavillampatti, Kallal Mathakutti Highways, Sivagangai District, no one drinks liquor. Even outsiders who come to village do obey this village code. This is because of an incident and the promise made thereafter. The story goes like this. Centuries back, when a war was going on in Karnataka, people at the bank of river Kaveri wanted to come and settle in Tamilnadu. While crossing the river, flood occurred suddenly and they were not able to cross the river. On prayer, Ponnazhagi Devata blessed the villagers by putting up a bridge made up of Vanni tree. Before putting up the bridge she took a promise that nobody should consume liquor. Having been rescued by the Devata from danger, they settled in Aalavillampatti. They kept the promise, engrossed the words in metal "Liquor Prohibited' in the village. If any outsider inadvertantly drinks liquor, he is punished and he pays the fine. Villagers of aalavillampatti have also decided not to take/give dowry during marriages.

Good old Vinayaka rejects demolition!

In Satthirapatti village, near Palani, Dindigul District, an old Vinayaka Temple is being worshipped by the villagers. Since the temple was not in good condition, villagers decided to renovate it. When renovation work was going on, the Revenue Department decided to demolish the temple citing the Supreme Court orders not to build a temple. Villagers gathered in strength and protested. Supreme Court Order states that no new temple should be allowed to be built. Talks were held. Hindu Munnani district president Ravibalan and district secretary Manikandan along with other office bearers, Tahsildar Basheer, Police Inspector Palanisamy, Panchayat President Karunakaran and Councilor Lakshmanan among others, participated in the talks. In conclusion, Tahsildar accepted that it is a 100 year old temple and it is improper to demolish the temple. He also agreed that the demolition will be stopped with immediate effect. This was given in writing duly signed by Tahsildar.

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