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A reputed Saiva guru wins over poorest Hindus

It is a Punya Karya to remove discrimination based on gender or caste. Such a Punya Karya was initiated by the Spiritual Head Sri-la-Sri Sivaprakasa Desiga Paramacharya Swamigal of Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam, a reputed seat of Saivite tradition in Tamilnadu. On his visit to Murappanaadu Madam, Tuticorin, he suddenly visited Thaazhaiyuthu village where the depressed Arundathi caste (known as Valmikis in the North) people live. They were unaware of the Adheenam but showered love and affection, pooja Puchari of Arunthathi people applied sacred ash (bhasma) to the forehead of the Adheenam which was not happened anywhere before that. When they were informed about Guru, they felt happy. The Adheenam also personally applied vibhoodhi to all people at the village irrespective of caste or creed. When questioned about his action towards devotees, Swamiji replied, "Wherever I go, I made it a habit to go and meet the lowest caste people. Christians come and help the poor people with the ulterior motive of conversion. According to ancient saint Thirugnanasambandar, there is disparity in Hinduism. There is no differentiation between, Swamigal, Saints and common folks. But in ground reality it is not. That is why ordinary people feel that Hindu swamigals will not see us, talks to us, will not touch us. With this thinking they distance the Adheenams. This thinking should be changed. Adheenam also a human being, because of Gods grace he becomes Adheenam. We should sow this feeling to the people. Hindu religion does not differentiate on caste lines. Conversion can be stopped only when we go to people at the lowest rung. If such thinking blooms in all Mataadhipathis, definitely untouchability will disappear from our society".

A case of Hindus united and mischief defeated

Sheikmaniam, a 40 acre land near Porur, Chennai is in the possession of a Hindu; heused it for cultivation from the day he took the land from Government on auction. He did not use a portion of land for cultivation as a Muslim body was buried. All on a sudden, ten persons from Kerala came and started claiming that the land belongs to them. When the case went to the local court, the judgment was in favour of Hindus. But Muslims went in appeal in High Court. Meanwhile, they deliberately buried one more dead body in the disputed land, thus creating trouble. The land owner appealed to the local people for help. Complaint was lodged with the police. Collector intervened and ordered that the dead body be removed from the disputed land. With the help of local police the body was removed. Local Hindus felt that the name 'Sheikmaniam' gives room for mischief by Muslims and hence they changed the name to 'Dharmarajapuram'. A case of Hindus united and mischief defeated.

Alerting the authorities helps quite often

** Denigrating Hindus, Hindu Gods and Goddesses is a business for persons like Athiradi Anand, a DK Member. He used abusive and vulgar language to denigrate Hindu sentiments and Hindu Gods in his public speech at MKB Nagar Bus Stop, Vyasarpadi, Chennai recently. When Hindu Munnani volunteer Suresh happened to hear such speech, he immediately informed the local police and higher police officials. Police immediately swung into action. They took possession of the record of the speech. They dispersed the meeting with immediate effect.

** Devotees worship Lord Shiva at Sivan Park in K K Nagar, Chennai on Sivarathiri day, a routine of several years. Poojas are performed, with members of the public in attendance. A few persons, who are Communist party volunteers, tried to cause trouble by objecting to Hindus performing Puja at Sivan Park. Local residents informed the police. The police sized up the situation and found that the entire neighbourhood had turned up for the regular pooja and so decided to ignore the irreasonable protest. The police requested the public to go ahead with Pooja. Nearly 500 devotees participated in the pooja.

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