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VSK Chennai Sandesh

How Chennai suburb parents saved the souls of their school going kids

In any Government-run school more than 90% of the students (boys/girls) are from Hindu families and their age is highly impressionable. In the absence of any responsible Hindu Religious preaching in Government schools, distribution of the Bible quickly results in corruption of the children's religious affinity and enables conversion of the innocent kids. Shocked at the information that Bible distribution takes place in (1) Government High School in Guduvanchery (2) Government Girls School in Nandivaram (3) Government Higher Secondary School in Anakaputhur and (4) Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Sholinganallur, all suburbs of Chennai metro, worried parents took up the matter with Divisional Education Officer. On verification, the DEO instructed all the Government schools in his jurisdiction that the practice of Bible distribution must be stopped forthwith. All the copies of the Bible were retrieved from the Children.

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