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Loot of Temple Land thwarted by alert Hindus


The historic Kothandaramar (Vishnu) temple in Gingee, Villupuram District became an object of controversy.  Christians suddenly stated that the temple land belongs to them.  They produced fake documents.  Meanwhile the temple was closed by the Christians, abetted by a Christian sub-collector.  The Hindu Munnani protested against this loot and released a statement that a State-wide protest will be held by the organization.  At this point, the District Collector corrected the anti-Hindu stand of the Christian sub-collector and handed over the keys of the temple to the public in presence of Hindu Munnani leaders. Sri Kanchi Kannan, Hindu Munnani functionary, Sri S V Subramaniam, VHP Secretary C Durairanga Ramanujadasar were present.


A poor Hindu farmer saves a temple with his life


Recently, a simmering controversy blew up.  The land of Kaliamman (Durga) temple in Perumal Kovilpatti was sought to be illegally occupied by Christians.  Nearly 50 times peace talks were held. But no solid result emerged over the past 25 years.  District Collector called for peace talks between the Hindus and Christians.  Aandi, a poor Hindu farmer was one among the persons who has been actively working to save the temple land from Christians.  For two days the talks went on.  Suddenly Aandi was brutally murdered by the Christian goondas in front of his family.  Reason: This time, the Hindus scored a victory in talk and the temple land was restored to them. 

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  1. Temple lands are on continuous attack by the secular Government and by other religious miscreants. Government through HR & CE department trying to absorb lands in the name of long lease etc. Hindus should unite and fight against this.