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Two different yardsticks for the same act...an Indian Govt Special

While the Indian government has promised protection to M.F.Hussain if he comes back to India, the same government has issued arrest warrant for the publisher who published Jesus Christ with a cigarette and beer can.

A Delhi-based publisher has landed in a controversy after some textbooks published by it carried a picture of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer can in the other. Church leaders and officials of the education department visited the school and took sample copies of the textbook. State government is now contemplating legal action against the New Delhi-based publisher. An estimated 72 percent of the 2.32 million people in Meghalaya are Christians.

Now compare this with M F Hussein, who is projected as a classic artist by the Secular bandwagon and press. No Human Right campaigners will fight for the rights of Skyline publisher who now facing legal actions.

Protect the person who denigrated Saraswati and arrest the person who denigrated Jesus - this is the Sonia Government policy.

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