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Do you want to be part of the IT Milan in Chennai ?

IT Milans are weekly gatherings of RSS for people working in IT / ITES sectors, for the awakening / energising of body, mind and soul.

There are no fees or registrations.

No age limits – its open for all males.

Get to meet other nationalistic brethren from the locality.

Sunday Morning timings at all locations – suitable to all.

Activities in the Milans include

Easy & Simple exercises

Yogasana, Suryanamaskar & Pranayama

Indian Games

Sharing of positive thoughts and developments

Discussions on topics of national and social interests.

Sing Patriotic Songs

Oppurtunity to materialise our thoughts on service activities (Sewa)

Do contact the below given e-mail ID / Mobile number to know more about your the nearest IT Milan.

Chennai.VSK@gmail.com - Sri. Virendra - 9677197737

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