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Chennai Pada Sanchalan (Route March) - Update

Swayamsevaks of Chennai defy an unjust ban and court arrest

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's Route March scheduled on the Republic Day (26-1-2010) had to be postponed to 31-1-2010 since the police department requested the organization to have it on some other day other than 26thJanuary.
Citizens of Chennai had to miss the anticipated Route Marches of RSS on 31-1-2010 because of the unjust ban on procession after having permitted it.
Pada Sanchalan in Chennai took place on 31-1-2010 with 1090 swayamsevaks participating. Police denied permission to conduct pada sanchalan. Our Swayamsevaks participated in large numbers in poorna ganavesh (Sangh Uniform)

In North Chennai out of 570 swayamsevaks, 419 got arrested. Sanchalan took place in 6 places. Sri R K Nathan of Nathan Driving School (also Honorary Chief of South Indian Driving School) presided over the programme. Sri Viswanathan, Vidya Bharathi addressed the gathering. Sri R K Nathan voluntarily got arrested on seeing the enthusiasm among the swayamsevaks. Mahilas filled the scheduled road for Route March with colourful Rangolis.

In Madhya Chennai, around 300 poorna ganavesh swayamsevaks participated in the pada sanchalan. 119 got arrested. Sri Sthanumaalayan, Prantha Pracharak of RSS Uttar Tamilnadu, addressed the gathering. Sri Misa Ganesan (of Emergency fame), a staunch Dravidian leader and Ex-MP of DMK presided over the Pada Sanchalan function of Madhya Chennai. In his speech he said that though he belongs to a different ideology, he has agreed to preside over the function because he was an admirer of the discipline of RSS. Such discipline is all the more necessary for the present day youngsters who are prone to fall astray very easily. He was impressed by the solo song which highlighted the unity of the Hindus and to shed the caste differences.

In South Chennai, out of 305 poorna ganavesh swayamsevaks, 95 got arrested. Sri Rama Gopalan Ji, President Hindu Munnani addressed the swayamsevaks. Sri D S Raghavan, former President of Indian Bank appreciated the discipline that is being followed by the RSS. Local people came to know more about RSS and they also took part in all places.

Find below some links from the media coverage of the event.

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