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Temple is not a mere place of worship, proves a snake

Consider any Hindu temple. It is unique that the sannadhi or the altar possess divine vibrations which cannot be found in any other place of worship.  This vibration is the result of centuries of association with great souls frequenting the sannadhi. To prove this, a snake behaved in such a way to fit the news.  In Thepperumanallur village, near Thirunageswaram, Thanjavur District, there is a viswanathar temple. On solar eclipse day, a cobra plucked a leaf from the Vilvam (Bel) tree in the temple and did puja on the lingam for three times.  The temple devotees and the archaka are the witnesses to this incident. 


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  1. It can be manipulative, need investigation. Don't just be a believer, but truth searcher.