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Go-Mata Yatra causes an awakening among villagers

Even as the nation-wide go mata yatra concluded in Nagpur, its impact began to unfold as in Kurupatti village, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu. Noticing a Muslim slaughtering a cow in his house recently, a signature campaign began, wherein 250 signatures have been collected on a memo to protest this cow slaughter. The villagers informed the police as well.  The Police arrested the culprit. Later, the local Jamaath pitched in with a compromise.  As a result, the Muslims of the place declared in writing that they will not slaughter cows hereafter. 

Youth are effective tools of change: Two instances from the South

Two instances stand out proving that youth are effective tools of change. (1) One leg of an IITian is in India; the other on Air India - A popular wisecrack is slowly changing.  Recently in Chennai, 5 IITians were seen joining the Indian Navy to serve the Motherland.  For this, they pursued B.Tech (Naval Architecture) at the prestigious IIT, Madras. They said that they joined IIT-M to equip themselves to join the armed forces later.  (2)  Mattur, a Sanskrit Village in Karnataka has produced 50-60 IT professionals; they are placed in different IT firms and that has made Bangalore a silicon valley of India.  One such professional is Dhruv who paved the way for repaying what was due to the village that raised him.  His dream is to set up a rural BPO which can help stem the tide of migration to urban India by job seekers.


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