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VSK Chennai News, December 26, 2009
Village Hindus vigilant over their rights
Recently in Aanaiyur village, Madurai District, villagers headed by Chinnarajan submitted a petition to the collector. What for? Reason is: The Karuppanasamy, Ayyanarsamy, Kannimar Samy temples (all Grama devatas) in the village possess lands to the extent of 12 acre 18 cents together. Out of this, land belonging to Kannimar temple to the extent of 3 acre 19 cents was converted into residential plots and sold to individuals by the priest. When FIR was filed in 2007, HR&CE (Government Department) dismissed the priest of the temple and ordered for action. Since action was not taken for more than two years, villagers headed by Chinnarajan submitted the petition. They asserted that they will fight against until justice is done.
Vande Mataram.

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